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One Man, Two Guvnors

Written By: Richard Bean
Director: Dustin Lavine


Submission DEADLINE: March 20th by 6 PM

Submission Requirements: A ONE- TWO Minute Monologue. Please demonstrate English accent of SOME form. Please Demonstrate PHYSICAL ability! There is singing involved (But NOT a musical), if you have a video of you singing a few bars please submit, but it is not mandatory. EMAIL Submissions to:
Please include Contact information with submission. Please include any conflicts for rehearsal schedule (listed below). Please include what parts you are willing to take (if you list ANY, we expect you to accept ANY, so please be honest! It is ok to only want certain parts). If you play an instrument, please list what instruments (there is a skiffle band that actors can participate in during the show...ANY instrument is welcome!)

Crew is also NEEDED, if you have no interest in acting but would like to join our production team, please use same email with tech areas of interest!

Callbacks will be Sunday March 24th @ 6PM (MUST be CALLED BACK, please do not just show up without invite, you will NOT be seen.) Melon Patch Theater, 311 N. 13th St. Leesburg, FL 34748

*Melon Patch Players is a NONPROFIT COMMUNITY theater, all participation is VOLUNTEER with no monetary compensation promised.

Production Dates: May 10th- May 26th, 2024 Fridays/Saturdays 6 PM call and Sundays 1 PM call.

Rehearsals will start March 27th and GENERALLY run M-Th 7-9:30 pm. Please note that Friday rehearsals may be needed and we ask you to have those nights available. NO CONFLICTS for tech week starting May 6th will be accepted unless arrangements are made with the production team!

Synopsis of Play

Fired from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe, a small time East End hood, now in Brighton to collect £6,000 from the dad of his fiancée. But Roscoe is really his sister Rachel posing as her own dead brother, who has been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers. Holed up at The Cricketers Arms, the permanently ravenous Francis spots the chance of an extra meal ticket and takes a second job with one Stanley Stubbers, who is hiding from the police and waiting to be reunited with Rachel. To prevent discovery, Francis must keep his two guvnors apart. Simple.

Based on the classic Italian comedy The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, in this new English version by prize winning playwright Richard Bean, with songs and music by Grant Olding. Sex, food and money are high on the agenda. One Man, Two Guvnors opened at the National Theatre 17th May 2011 to critical acclaim, before transferring to the West End and embarking on a successful UK tour. It is also shortlisted for the 2011 Evening Standard Theatre Best New Play and the Best Night Out Awards.


Charlie “the Duck” Clench (Male 50s-‐60s) Small-‐time London gangster that runs a scrap metal company. Streetwise, but not intelligent. Father to Pauline. Cockney accent.

Pauline Clench (Female 20s-‐30s) Daughter to Charlie. Young, pretty, full of life and VERY stupid. Was engaged to Roscoe (before he died) and now engaged and utterly in love with Alan Dangle. A broad cockney accent.

Alan Dangle (Male 20s-‐30s) A young aspiring and terribly over dramatic actor with little common sense. Hot-‐headed and passionate, but ineffective. Engaged to Pauline. Middle-‐class London accent.

Harry Dangle (Male 40s-‐60s) Father to Alan Dangle and partner in a shady law firm-‐ the stereotypical fat crooked lawyer. Constantly trying to sound higher brow than he really is. Posh RP accent, which occasionally dips into cockney.

Lloyd Boateng (Male, 30s-‐50s) A London/Jamaican ex-‐con and friend to Charlie Clench. Charismatic, working class with an air of charm. Loyal, warm and owner of “The Cricketers Arms” pub.

Francis Henshall (Male, 20s-‐40s) An Essex boy driven by his stomach. A bit rough around the edges, but very charming and lovable. A brilliant physical and verbal comedian who is confident with improvisation and audience interaction.

Dolly (Female 20s-‐40s) Charlie’s strongly feminist bookkeeper. Smart and sassy, she’s had her fair share of men and is a true match for Francis. Northern accent optional.

Rachel Crabbe (Female 20s-‐30s) London girl from a criminal family. Sharp and quick-‐witted, driven by her love for Stanley. Spends the play pretending to be her dead twin brother so must be able to play the caricature of a man.

Stanley Stubbers (Male 20s-‐30s) A posh public-‐school boy from the Home Counties. Utterly confident and steeped in the arrogance of the upper classes.

Alfie (Any, 18+) The slow and doddering “elderly” waiter played by a younger actor. A great physical comedian. Must be able, willing, and ready to do several prat falls and engage in challenging, choreographed physical comedy. May be double cast as ensemble.

Gareth (Any, 40+) Supercilious, efficient head waiter. Physically adept – helps out with quite a lot of “business”. RP (Received Pronunciation) accent. May be double cast as ensemble.

Ensemble (Any, 18+) A variety of roles.

Melon Patch Theatre
311 N. 13th Street
Leesburg, FL 34748